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Academic Words Related to Writing
Here are some words that are related to writing or are used to talk about writing. For this
assignment, I want you to find the parts of speech for some words that are in your readings in
Language Awareness. These words are specifically related to talking about writing and will
likely be used frequently in your writing classes.
1. First, I want you to use the tool on this website to find the related parts of speech:
Once you get on this website, you can search for words by typing control-f (for find). To
do this, you hold the control key down and type f at the same time. A search box will
come up, and you can type in your word. You should then be able to see the word family
for the word. Make a list of the words in the word family, and then look up those words
in the dictionary and find their meanings. You can cut and paste the definitions into this
Note: You can ignore the plurals of nouns and the different verb endings for now.
Just try to find different parts of speech with different forms. You might also find
additional parts of speech when you are looking words up in the dictionaries.
2. Write two sentences using two different parts of speech. For example, write one sentence
using a noun and one sentence using a verb. Write your own sentences. DO NOT COPY
SENTENCES FROM THE INTERNET!!!! If I find that you have copied a sentence, you
will not receive full credit for your assignment.
3. Make sure you do all parts of the assignment. You will not get full credit if you do not
do all of the parts.
Here are two good dictionaries you can use to help with this assignment:
• Longman:
• Merriam Webster:
I think the Longman definitions are easier to understand, but Merriam-Webster now has better
help with parts of speech. Longman now has a lot more sentence examples, though. You can
use one of these dictionaries or choose one of your own.
This is how you should do this assignment!!!
Verb: To prepare something to be published, or to make changes, correct mistakes, etc
• edition (noun): a particular version of a book; all the copies of a book that are printed or
published at the same time
• editor (noun): a person who edits
• editorial (noun): an essay in a newspaper that gives the opinions of its editors or
• editorial (adjective): related to being an editor
Sentence 1: I wrote an editorial for the local paper giving my opinion about gun control.
Sentence 2: It took me three hours to edit my research paper.
Here are the words I want you to do:
1. document
2. publish
3. structure
4. context
5. conclusion

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